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Override existing data with new CSV import

NEW Feature: Now when you upload a csv file into Nimble, you have the option to use the csv file as the most up to date data and replace the existing contact information in Nimble. 

For single value fields: Name, Title, Company, Description, custom fields - Nimble will override these fields with the data from the CSV field.

For multi-value fields: social profiles, phone numbers, addresses, websites...etc. - Nimble will append new data from the CSV into the record.


You have an existing contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (with Title "CEO" and Twitter "reazOne").
Your CSV import has the repeat contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (with Title "PM" and Twitter "ag_gorovoy")

The merged contact record will result in: the contact "Aleksey Gorovoy" (Title "PM" and Twitter1 "reazOne", Twitter2 "ag_gorovoy") at the end of importing.
Note: Keep in mind that multi-value fields (ex: social profiles, addresses, phones, URLs) are limited to 10 values per contact.
ex: The user may have up to 10 twitter profiles per contact.

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