Using Nimble for Hubspot Basic Account

For those who have a Professional or Enterprise edition of Hubspot - Nimble can directly integrate with your Hubspot account. Click here to learn how.

For those who have the Basic version of Hubspot, Nimble does not provide a direct integration with your account. To import your Hubspot contacts into Nimble, it will require a little bit of manual work but it's easy and simple.

Importing Hubspot contacts into Nimble

1) Export your contacts out of Hubspot into a csv file.

You might have to find Hubspot's old Contact List interface in order to export your contacts. To get to the old interface, the URL will be something like this: ""

2) Once exported, configure your Hubspot csv file to our Nimble csv template

3) Once your csv file looks like our template with the correct Header fields, go to Nimble, Settings >> Networks & Imports 

4) Upload the file as a Generic CSV and add a tag name, so you can find your imported Hubspot contacts in Nimble.

Voila! The import is processing and you'll receive a confirmation email from Nimble when the import is finished.

Once you've received the import confirmation email,  go to the Contacts tab in Nimble - and in the tag section on the right hand side, find the tag you appended to your Hubspot contacts to see the complete imported list.

Exporting Nimble contacts and importing into Hubspot 

1) Go to the Contacts tab and pull up your contacts that you want to export (either by a tag or by advanced search)

2) Check off the Select All box at the top. If you have more than 30 contacts, make sure you select ALL of the contacts

Note: The "Select ALL ###" option is available for People, Company, Recently Added filters and tags.

3) At the top, select Export >> Export CSV 

4) Nimble will email you your exported contacts in a csv file

5) Take the Nimble csv file and adjust it to what you need - there might be fields you don't want imported into Hubspot. Once you are ready, go into Hubspot >> Contacts >> and click on the "Import Contacts" link on the right hand side. Upload your Nimble csv file and follow Hubspot's instructions on the screen.

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