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  1. would love if dropdown lists would show fully when entering data, i/o scrolling down/up to either save or edit

  2. URL fields should not assume they're relative urls.

  3. More configuration options for IMAP mail

  4. search

  5. get live chat.!!

  6. Copy Company record address and other data

  7. Add more info/options to tasks  ·  completed

  8. As a Frequent Traveller, I would like to be able to have access to my Nimble data, so I can avoid waisting time, when I'm off-line

  9. Enable Search on DIRECTION of Last Contact for Service Level Agreements & Other Purposes

  10. Can you add website to the dropdown when you add a company's url?

  11. Allow me to enter a Linked In URL for a contact even if I have maxed out my API calls  ·  declined

  12. Fix the search feature so you can scroll down the list of contact data

  13. Time stamp for custom field entries to allow multiple entries

  14. Fix the speed on Chrome. I can use Firefox but prefer Chome. The system is painfully slow, taking 2-5 seconds to load and become responsive.

  15. support other languages (unicode). I'm french and contacts have é and è, ç, à in names. It's terrible for fast data entry :(

  16. Can you please add a 'reference' in the attachment section, to reference to the local folder/file. This will minimise server data space

  17. Contact list sorting

  18. Do you find VPN safe and useful?

  19. Fix the disconnect between LinkedIn and Nimble.

  20. I can't submit a ticket as I cannot find our url. We've been having problems importing for some time now.

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