1. Can you make the web version responsive?

  2. Responsive pipeline width  ·  planned

  3. Allowing querying by contact activity  ·  completed

  4. Gmail Widget: Query new contacts and pre-populate name fields.  ·  completed

  5. Contacts response Integration with Mailchimp as promised in May 2012 -Implement Phase 2.

  6. Automatically create unique Tag based on Wufoo form response

  7. ecquire integration to capture email and data straight into nimble

  8. data fields  ·  planned

  9. include a mechanism that allows "dashboard" functionaility to track response times for DEALS from Quote Arrived to Quote Delivered

  10. Extension Pop Out - detachable? Covering important data!

  11. Make adding info to data fields easier

  12. would love if dropdown lists would show fully when entering data, i/o scrolling down/up to either save or edit

  13. Figure out why custom data fields only appear half the time.

  14. Template System  ·  completed

  15. Your contact improt process is way to complicated. I simply need to map data fields and import. This tab nonsense is a time waster.

  16. As a Frequent Traveller, I would like to be able to have access to my Nimble data, so I can avoid waisting time, when I'm off-line

  17. adjust the program where I can type in data immediately in the first input field (also in a pop-up). Now I have to select the field first.  ·  under review

  18. get live chat.!!

  19. Ability to sync Nimble deals with Podio  ·  declined

  20. Contacts need middle initial, suffix and prefix  ·  under review

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