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    At the current moment, we do not have plans to develop Nimble for offline use.

    We would love to hear your thoughts on why you would like to work offline, please share your ideas in the comments on this thread so we may review this at a later date.

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    Dave Wasserman commented  · 

    RE: Use case for Interacting with Nimble Offline.

    The most practical application would be making use of time offline while
    flying. The essence of Nimble is making communication more effective. When
    flying, I have time to work on all of the following activities offline
    without distraction:

    1. Make notes for previous meetings or upcoming meetings.
    2. Schedule activities for individual clients and prospects.
    3. Update my pipeline.
    4. Write email.

    Ideally, any software that I use should allow me to work offline to
    accomplish any of the tasks listed above with the expectation that when I
    get back online everything that I created/modified/scheduled while offline
    would then update/execute.

    Of course, Nimble stores my data in the cloud. But, couldn't Nimble also
    have a "skeletal client" resident on my notebook that I can only start when
    I'm offline, allows me to work offline, only stores data when I'm offline,
    automatically updates the cloud in the background as soon as I'm back
    online and then wipes the data from the resident client.

    Otherwise, I am reduced to "paper and pen" offline or working in another
    program with, at best, "cut and paste" options to move date into Nimble.
    Either of these is the exact opposite of what you want your users doing.
    You want to keep us engaged inside Nimble...even if that means a "skeletal"
    offline client of some kind.

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