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Allow a contact to be associated with multiple companies

I deal with contacts that are associated with multiple companies. It would be helpful to be able to represent that reality in Nimble.

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    TextbookMadness.com Team shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


    At the current moment, we do not have plans to implement the ability to associate contacts with multiple companies in Nimble in 2013.

    While we do not have this on our horizon, things can change and we encourage you to continue to vote and comment on this feature to capture the attention of our team.

    We will circle back in a few months with another update on this feature request.

    We truly appreciate your feedback and support for Nimble.

    Best regards,



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      • TQ commented  · 

        Been kinda awhile since this request. Any ETA?

      • Paul BIndel commented  · 

        It's 2017. Who works for just ONE company? Please provide us with an option that reflects reality.

      • Boris commented  · 

        Agree with everyone, this is key, please roll it out!

      • Ryan commented  · 

        It would be extremely relevant to allow for this functionality so that we can communicate with a contact at each particular company they work for. Without this, it can become a problem miscommunicating with a contact.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Adding contacts to multiple companies is absolutly necessary. It is a real lack of NIMBLE

      • Victor Grau Serrat commented  · 

        I echo what others have said already: all sorts of people have a number of roles and associations to a different entities: have an employer, but also sit on a board, or maybe have two part time jobs, or volunteer or belong to other organizations. People are multidimensional, don't force us all to stick to one dimension employee-employer.
        Alternatively, if I may suggest a way to address this without have to redo the current structure, allow individuals to be tagged to other companies, maybe you can set the primary as the current one, but then add tags (a variation of the current tags) to signal that are related to other organizations.
        Please, please, please consider and be creative in implementing this functionality in some form, don't just dismiss it as: we cannot do this. Yes, you can :)

      • Debra commented  · 

        Having just started using Nimble, I am already finding this a challenge. Many of my contacts own or are associated with more than one company and there is no way to sensibly manage this in Nimble which is a shame.

      • Heath Suddleson commented  · 

        Work around = deliberately misspell the person's name when you enter them a second time. Nimble creates the person without protest. THEN correct the spelling.
        When I deliberately misspell, I stick in extra letters John becomes zzzzzJohn. Easy to spot and search if needed.

      • Noize commented  · 

        I also need this ASAP. Very important

      • Olivier Frémond commented  · 

        This definitely needs to happen. It is not so uncommon for people to have at least 2 activities in different companies, especially at higher management levels.
        On top of that not being able to handl subsidiaries is major drawback compare to other CRM tools.

      • Scott Kennedy commented  · 

        What's the first thing you want to know about a person, besides their name and where they work now? I'd say their work history. Nimble: it''s time to give us an update on this.

      • Andrew Zino commented  · 

        Dear Joseph

        We are all waiting for an update by nimble since March 2013 ...

        Please can you update everyone on this?


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This would be so very useful! I've many entrepreneurs in my database, lots of initatives, brands, companies. +1

      • Mike Schinkel commented  · 

        The limitation is causing us all sort of headaches. We need contacts associated with multiple companies and we need companies to be able to set to be a division or subsidiary.

        Without this we are going to have to search for an alternative to Nimble because it's just causing us too much pain.

      • Andrew commented  · 

        This is one of the biggest obvious drawbacks of Nimble. Your silence on this for so long speaks volumes -- more than you perhaps realise...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        PLEASE give an updated response on this - it's hard to depend on Nimble for contact info without basic company connections.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Critical feature that needs to be worked on. At very least you should respond to the communities concerns with a realistic timescale...

      • Gabriel commented  · 

        @NimbleCare #NimbleDoesNotCareAboutContactPrivacy Thread 'Add the ability to set specific contacts as private'

        Nimble - I have started a twitter social media campaign about this thread.

        It is time for you to respond to your users and solve the problem.


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree with that. Only for this reason i left the Highrise, because after 3 years i dont think they built this tiny but important feauture.

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