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Support for multiple social accounts (twitter, facebook, facebook pages)

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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Gary Cheeseman commented  · 


        I see this as been planned for the last 4 years, is it still going to happen?

      • Roy commented  · 

        Any update on this feature ?

      • julian faulkner commented  · 

        what is the status of this feature? 1st half of 2015 has elapsed...

      • Andrzej Majewski commented  · 

        I see there is no need to come back to Nimble, as it still doesn't support multiple FB accounts.

      • Gabriel commented  · 

        @NimbleCare #NimbleDoesNotCareAboutContactPrivacy Thread 'Add the ability to set specific contacts as private'

        Nimble - I have started a twitter social media campaign about this thread.

        It is time for you to respond to your users and solve the problem.


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hi there... how are things going for multiple social media accounts within Nimble? I just signed up for Nimble again after reading that this is planned... still the first half of 2015 (end of June)? Thanks!

      • Leigh Anne Lindsey commented  · 

        Nimble should have this feature, absolutely If you're supporting multiple Gmail accounts, why not multiple social media accounts?

        I have several accounts from businesses & profiles I've run over the years. Having those leads in here would be very valuable.

        However, as someone mentioned before, it shouldn't be an add-on price. If you want to retain me as a customer, that should be something added in. Thanks for listening.

      • Chris Kalaboukis commented  · 

        Need this feature as well. Have a company account as well as a personal account and need to be able to use both.

      • Jam Mayer commented  · 

        Hi Joseph. Any updates on whether this feature is going to be implemented?

      • Susan A commented  · 

        Just want to add my 2 cents to this -- I really want to have this work without having to pay for yet another add on service. (Not just Nimble of course -- we are all supporting a ton of add-ons)

      • Simon Hague commented  · 

        Hi, any updates on when this will happen?

      • Paul commented  · 


        Unfortunately there is a credibility issue with what we are being told from Nimble about this feature request:

        In Jan 2015 I received an email from Nimble customer care after I enquired about a time-line for multiple accounts. I had thought about running multiple Nimble accounts and then, when finally, Nimble would introduce multiple Twitter accounts I would merge them. But…

        >>> Hi Paul,

        Thanks for reaching out to us!

        I would not recommend creating multiple Nimble accounts because we would not be able to merge them when multiple social profiles are introduced.

        We will definitely be adding this feature to Nimble in Q2 of this year! :)

        I then sent an email earlier this week (27th April 2015) asking for an update and had the following reply from the same person:

        >>>Currently, this feature request for multiple social profiles is not on our immediate roadmap. We do plan to add it this year, however, we cannot say for certain that it will be included by the end of Q2 as it is not currently being worked on.<<

        In Nimble parlence this is smelling of BS.

        I see no ‘update’ from you on this forum message thread (as promised) - the fact is you haven’t even started working on it!

        The impact? Until now we’ve held off looking for an alternative solution. End of Q2 was acceptable to us – but this latest revelation makes me question anything that is ‘promised’ by the people at Nimble. Shame. You have a good offering but this type of customer service is letting the side down.

        Why not surprise us and do what you’ve promised to do by end of Q2 2015?

        Now there’s a challenge.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes, Multiple whatever is very needed. Mutiple companies, addresses, contact details, social profiles, personal profiles... This would make it a real relationship management tool.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please add this feature! This critically important for us. Thank you!

      • Ruth Cheesley commented  · 

        Disappointed not to see this feature, don't want to use Hootsuite as we use Sprout Social already :(

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Looking forward to being able to add more than one Twitter account. Currently have to find out how to delete existing and add a new one.

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