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Add the ability to set specific contacts as private

Sales staff should be able to "protect" their contacts from other sales people from getting deleted, used, shared, etc.

Admins should be able to create a contact then share with particular people of their choice (creating a custom territory for their sales team).

Admin needs more control and 'management' features over team.

ALSO... contacts need to backed up incase they get deleted, in general.... having to update an exported CSV routinely and run the risk of all public contacts among my team will cause me to choose another CRM as we grow.

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    Justin shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  AdminJoseph Kelly (Customer Experience Lead, Nimble) responded  · 


    We truly have contact privacy on our roadmap for 2018.

    We recently added privacy for deals for our Business plan and we are working to upgrade our security modules to improve Nimble for teams.

    Learn about all of our current privacy features for messages, deals, API, and more at https://support.nimble.com/frequently-asked-questions/nimble-account-privacy-overview

    If you have any questions or would like to see our privacy features in action, I invite you to start another trial of nimble at nimble.com/register or to visit our Customer Care team on a Nimble Q&A at www.nimble.com/webinars.




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      • Dave C. commented  · 

        "We truly have contact privacy on our roadmap for 2018." - is that a joke?

        see also:
        "This is currently in review for our 2017 roadmap."

        "This is currently in review for our 2016 roadmap."

        "This is on our roadmap for first half of 2016."

        get it together, man. stop misrepresenting your product roadmap year after year and DO something. either ship this feature or just shut up about it and stop trying to pacify the circa 700 people on here asking for contact privacy controls.

        i love nimble, but this inability to ship permission level viewing on records shows me that you are, at best, a "grade C" software company. prove me wrong, please.

      • Dave C. commented  · 

        the DEFAULT on all contacts (added, imported, etc) should be "private" to the individual who uploads. there should then be a "system tag" that lets me mark entire imports or groups/segments/etc as:

        1) public (any team member)
        2) public to just ONE or MORE team members (by USER NAME)
        3) private to USER (default setting)

        ditto for deals, tasks, everything - the entire default should be private, with a user given control over what is shared.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Agreed. Same control should apply to tags. A lot of time could be spent on tags that one disgruntled employee could wipe out in a single night and there is no backup to protect this as far as I can see.

      • Lola commented  · 

        Same as everyone else here... I spent the last week reviewing various CRM options, decided on Nimble, jumped in and spent hours adding contacts and deals only to find out the entire team would be able to see all of them. That's not an option for a group of independent contractor salespeople. Back to the drawing board. It is also pretty disconcerting how many people have requested this over the last 5 years and nothing has been done about it.

      • James commented  · 

        Any update on this? It's the main reason I cannot bring my company over to Nimble. Otherwise, I love the platform and its UX.

      • Ben Kim commented  · 

        It's now 2017... Any update on this or did this get run over on the 2016 roadmap?

      • Sean N commented  · 

        Been using Nimble for over half a year now and it's got almost everything we need. However, I find myself looking for alternatives simply because we can't use this with our independent sales force. They value the privacy of their contacts and leads.

        Will this ever get implement or be stuck in "under review"? 2016 is almost over so I'm not sure how you could possibly add it to your 2016 roadmap.

        Please give an update.


      • Anonymous commented  · 


        We have used Nimble for about 6 months and our team like it very much. However, as CEO I need to be able to administer the system so that some agents can only see their own contacts.

        I appreciate that there are many other aspects to security, such as allowing a user to make a contact private. However we would not want such a facility to be made available to our users, and I think our requirements are in line with most sales teams.

        So getting back to what we do need, it should be relatively easy to just have one tick box in the admin which applies to each user and says something like "User may only see their own contacts or contacts assigned to them".

        Our company is growing and if we don't get this feature soon we will have to stop using Nimble, which is something that we would all hate, but we will have to do it anyway.

        I appreciate that apparently this mod has been on your road map for the last two years, targeted for 2016, but can you please supply some feedback as to when it will be made live.

        Thanks and regards


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Can we have an update on this, or at the very least, let us know how we would recover if an errant person went into the system and deleted records ?

        Are there backups made ?



      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Dang...was almost sold. Then I looked up user permissions and nothing. So I did a google search and came across this thread. Really? Over 2 years, 600+ votes and you are saying first half of 2016??? Wow. Like posted in a few threads before, this is BASIC on a multi user platform. It's like having a $5 Million dollar house...with no doors! For personal use, nothing is better than Nimble IMO. But for teams...I'll come back when you put the doors on.

      • Christopher Kindig commented  · 

        Hello Joseph. Thank you for your response about this.

        Could you please update me (and all of us) on the plans for this feature?

        I just spent 2 months choosing a system and convincing the entire organization to switch over to Nimble. Then I just checked into this to make sure, and found out to my horror that this one feature does not exist. We absolutely need this common CRM system capability.

        Could you please provide a brief update on how it is going, and when you expect it to be ready?

        Thank you so much for responding to your fans!


      • Ricardo commented  · 

        Do we have this now? Has this been adressed?

      • Shef commented  · 

        I have business, political, and personal contacts. I communicate with them all throughout the day. If I'm going to live in Nimble all day (as I used to live in Goldmine), then I need to deal with my contacts and communications all in one place.

        Here's how you should implement it. Create completely separate databases for each contact type and manage them independently. Present a unified view of them, though. You can do that very simply by having the search box access all databases that I have access to, and having a unified inbox across email accounts.

        Each contact goes in one database, but it can be sync'd with other databases. Contact info like phone and email address are kept up to date across databases. Communications never get sync'd across databases.

        Allow me to give permissions to other users at a database level. Nobody gets access to my personal db. People get access to the other dbs as appropriate.

        When I leave the company, I can take my personal db with me, but I lose access to the company db. This is really easy if I keep my login forever, and the company just revokes permissions. When I go to the next company, I will have strong incentive to get that company to adopt Nimble.

        Sharing communications is a bit trickier. My corporate communications should be open to everyone in the company. By default, my political contacts should be open to political colleagues, but my communications should never be. But sometimes I want to share specific communications. The way to handle this is to allow me to set a default privacy setting for communications for each database, and then have a "share" button on a contact or email.

        Don't make the mistake of trying to create virtual databases through some kind of tagging scheme for contacts (the way Highrise does it). Tags get out of control. Have truly separate databases.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        2 or 3 hours ago I was pretty convinced that Nimble was the way to do. You have some undeniably great features. But the inability to set private contacts and the inability to convert corporate contacts from Twitter into companies instead of people (as they come in by default) make this product a no go.

        Really sorry too. The fact that you have this feature request on your site but have closed the voting without an update telling us when the feature will be implemented just seems like you don't care how people actually use this product.

        So sad.

      • NR commented  · 

        Canceled to use Nimble due to lack of this feature.

      • C.J. Jackson commented  · 

        This is a must for our company as well... otherwise we cannot do business with Nimble. This was requested 2.5 years ago.... no response... no updates... no progress made on it. This shouldn't be difficult to implement, if you can make messages private you should be able to make contacts private.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We really need this privacy features. We have independent sales people that require this in order to use the system

      • Megan commented  · 

        Guys, come on. Implementing this feature is probably the single most effective thing you can do to get more businesses to sign up. More than voting on G2Crowd, more than sending out direct mails. What's the hang up?

      • Jeremy commented  · 

        How is this not an option??

      • Anonymous commented  · 


        What's the status on this?

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