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Integrate with XING

Include XING like LinkedIn


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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Clinton David Skakun commented  · 

        Hi Hermann, thanks for the input. I'd like to get more insight from you about this integration. Please send me an email at clinton.d.skakun (at) gmail.com so we can chat, if you'd like.

      • Hermann Paar commented  · 

        Sorry Clinton but we're all waiting for a core implementation. I don't think that anyone is willing to pay costs that are much higher than the monthly cost of nimble just for XING import when we hopefully will have it for free in the near future.

      • Clinton David Skakun commented  · 

        Please feel free to send me a message at info (at) moveelo.com and let me know more details on what you guys would consider the most helpful type of XING to Nimble integration for your business.

        I'm starting an integration, you can take a look at it here:


        Please feel free to send me your comments and questions.

      • Sascha commented  · 

        Also very much hoping mor a xing integration

      • Nicholas commented  · 

        Desired feature for us!

      • Michael commented  · 

        I'd appreciate using Nible very much and even more if there would be an integration into Xing and a localized German version. This would widen the market opportunities in Germany, too.

      • Stefan commented  · 

        A German Version and Xing integration would make Nimble THE MIGHTY CRM BEAST for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

      • Hermann Keldenich commented  · 

        "We will gauge demand on this thread (via votes)"

        That's exactly the point. I wonder how many German ever know of nimble, but they will never come across this XING voting. This is something for the crazy ones among us who have enough time to take a closer look. XING is the equivalent of LinkedIn here in Germany and if you are willing to dive into the German market there is no way around it. But without doubt you will never know how many German customers you will get if you rely on this voting. They will miss XING integration and flock to another CRM. It's that simple.

        For me nimble is more or less exactly what I was looking for so I will share the XING voting link with my friends and colleagues and hope that XING integration will come in the near future (which means this year - hopefully)

      • Oliver Weckbrodt commented  · 

        Would be great to have this integration. XING is very popular in Germany...Kind regards!

      • Johannes Benz commented  · 

        I can only agree! We will probably not use Nimble in the future because XING as most essential europe business network is missing!

      • Irina commented  · 

        Still no plans to integrate Xing?

      • Colin Bear commented  · 

        As a business in Frankfurt, Germany, it is essential for me to have XING integration with Nimble. I really hope that this integration comes soon.

      • Sascha Lueken commented  · 

        I couldn´t agree more with Jan`s recent comment - Nimble`s social features are almost useless for the german speaking market without this integration - XING is dominating, LinkedIn is hardly used at all over here.

      • Jan Schmidt commented  · 

        Wright here you go again.

        As many of the before comments I can only empasize that for Nimble entrance to the European market the Xing network is of tremeandous importance for you.

        You are going to miss out on an opportunity to reach some potential 20 Million customers across the Central European market.

        In that area alone a 100 million people are speaking and using German in businesses.

        What would be your hold back on entering the European market? And mostly how can we help to promote it for you?

      • Serge Tischler commented  · 

        I agree as well. Xing is the most important business network in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. LinkedIn is far behind. I would appreciate to see Xing integrated in Nimble.

      • Matthias Wallner commented  · 

        I totally agree - XING is far bigger than LinkedIn in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. And Germany is the biggest market in Europe - this integration would definitely help you to grow in Europe.

      • Sascha Lueken commented  · 

        Some sort of feedback would indeed be appreciated.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        The idea is pretty old, isn't it? Why don't you answer, Nimble Team?

      • Nicole Deinhard commented  · 

        I guess the german speaking market is also important for nimble and i highly recommand to integrate xing, nimble is now not so really usefull for me as long xing is missing! In the moment Xing is integrated, i will order 2 more users..

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