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Integrate with XING

Include XING like LinkedIn


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    Anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Steffen commented  · 

        Would be a big buying reason for the German speaking market.

      • Göran commented  · 

        Without Xing integration, Nimble is rather useless in the German speaking part of Europe with its 3 countries. Linkedin plays no role here outside the job search market. Facebook is primarily for private connections. Xing is the only business platform that counts. If Nimble's target group is businesses, there's no way around coming up with a Xing integration very quickly.

      • Hans-H. Franck commented  · 

        Just discovered your great product. As mentioned in the previous comments, XING is really big for business connections here in Germany. An integration makes so much sense, it would help the people here to let your CRM work for them even better. It´s much more likely, to make business with a contact from XING, than for example with a Facebook friend, imho.

      • Anna Juliette Breitenbach commented  · 

        Dear Nimble-Team,
        What prevent you to open your company to the german Market, thanks Xing? :-)
        Xing bring over 14 Mio. Users together, is a B2B-Plattform and not only used for Networking but also for come-together Meetings all over Germany.
        Even as a french entrepreneur in Germany, to me, Xing distinguishes itself (far away from Linkedin) as the only useful Plattform to contact properly German businessmen and is a perfect Business complement to Facebook.
        Please inform me as soos as you change your mind about it.

      • Marcus commented  · 

        +1 for the XING integration. That would put Nimble definitely in a top notch position in the German speaking market

      • Robert commented  · 

        Please add Xing integration to Nimble!!!
        Without Xing it does not make sense to pay for the service.

      • Andris commented  · 

        Any news about this? XING integration will give you a very competitive edge in Europe, especially in DACH countries, where almost every CEO is registred. LinkedIn is not that popular there.

      • Daniel commented  · 

        Any update on your status? You miss out a huge opportunity for all GER/CH/AT customers... Please consider to include it...

      • Philipe Reinisch commented  · 

        Unfortunately unless nimble offers xing integration I have to use salesforce... :-(
        Any plans on this topic?

      • Thomas commented  · 

        Any updates? Would love it!

      • Christin commented  · 

        Please integrate Xing. millions of people are using it in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Makes Nimble much more attractive for this big market. For sure!

      • chris commented  · 

        I'll not use nimble until xing integration is available

      • Christian commented  · 

        I cannot vote (votings closed) but I would love to see xing integration as well

      • Kamil Barbarski commented  · 

        Waiting for this! Will make it easier for me to convince our team ;)!

      • David Hall commented  · 

        Endorsed. XING is important in Europe and ignoring it suggests that Europe isn't important to Nimble (which maybe it isn't, but that's a hell of a lot of money to leave on the table)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Hi guys,
        is there any news on this? Would be awesome to be able to add XING to the unified inbox. If you like I can hook you up with the XING API guys.

      • Andreas Sansano commented  · 

        Hey Joseph, Stefan is right, having this integration (core integration) would boost your system in Europe right to the top number one position of all CRM systems! Don't waste time. Xing has a pretty decent API to do this. I'm sure your guys can to that very quickly.

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