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Integrate with Outlook and Exchange

This is a thread to vote for added support for Nimble and MS Exchange or MS Outlook.

Items such as:

- Outlook Calendar Sync
- Outlook Contacts Sync
- MS Exchange Sync

437 votes
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    racasselracassel shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


    We are still working towards a solution for MS Exchange but it will likely apply to new servers only (not Exchange 2007).

    If you are an Office365 subscriber, you can connect to Nimble via their newly released REST API.

    You may also connect to Office365 over IMAP by using the following details:

    IMAP: outlook.office365.com
    IMAP Port: 993
    SMTP: smtp.office365.com
    SMTP Port: 587
    SSL (On)

    If you have any issues, please send us details and a screenshot at care@nimble.com.

    Thank you,



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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Wow. I just cancelled my account. This is insufficient and laughable. Can't take your tool seriously without Office 365 full integration. You must be fooling yourselves drinking the Google Apps kool-aid.

      • PatrickPatrick commented  · 

        any updates on this?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Can't seriously consider this without 2-way contacts sync

      • Simon HagueSimon Hague commented  · 

        Deal maker / breaker here. Your system looks great - but this needs to happen 2 way and seamless.

      • Lars CramaLars Crama commented  · 

        I need Nimble plugin for Outlook 2016 (even though our IMAP is running on Gmail) to be a serious alternative to SalesForce. Please get it fixed guys.

      • JuddJudd commented  · 

        Way too many comments not to support Outlook...I imagine each comment represents an entire company with multiple users. Employees aren't typically out looking for CRM software.

        Get it done or close your doors.

      • Adam HarrisAdam Harris commented  · 

        +1 for integration with office365 calendar and contacts.

      • Derek GabrielDerek Gabriel commented  · 

        Was referred to your product, but like others in this thread, won't purchase/trial without full exchange/office 365 integration.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Any update, Joseph? We're evaluating the use of our CRM right now, and the lack of Exchange integrations is a big issue for us.

      • Emiel.Emiel. commented  · 

        Great product, great social integration. But I really mis the integration with MS Exchange 2013.

      • BrianBrian commented  · 

        I have linked to my Office 365 email through IMAP but what does it do? Don't see any activity, no email importing, calendar sync'ing, contact importing, company importing, etc.

        This is a very old thread so it doesn't appear anything will come of the integration unless I am just missing something.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Want to echo everyone's comments here around syncing with MS Exchange - I'm trying to hang in there with Nimble ... The other scratch of my head was when I learned I could not pull up all my contacts related to companies I had tagged. The contacts have a many to one relationship with the company that has been tagged ... how is that difficult for your coders to enable this through advanced search?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        We are trying nimble. Unfortunately if full integration with exchange online is not available, we cannot buy a subscription. Pity, as it's an otherwise great CRM

      • C SmithC Smith commented  · 

        Was considering Nimble. Impressive. But lack of contact and calendar sync w/ Outlook is an absolute non-starter. Won't ever be switching from Outlook. Additionally, am averse to gmail - not keen on google reading all of my and my clients' emails. Hope you add this feature soon. Presumably it'll open up a whole additional market segment for you.

      • russlewisrusslewis commented  · 

        My votes (all 3) are for proper integration - not IMAP

      • keithkeith commented  · 

        I think you are seriously underestimating the demand for this. All the votes that are higher than this are wish lists for existing customers. Everyone that voted for this are not existing customers except for the minority with IMAP access, because without the proper email support, Nimble is dead on arrival. Still, this is a lot of votes from people that are not customers and thus do not frequent your site to even vote.

      • Steve MundenSteve Munden commented  · 

        We have just been trialling Nimble and found its social integration great. We didn’t even check before we started that it would integrate with Exchange Online contacts, calendar, and email etc. because we assumed this would be the case. I was amazed to find out this wasn’t possible and so to use Nimble, we’d effectively have to give up using Outlook and all our mobile devices and go back to the old days of being tied to our desks. We’d pretty much have to do everything in Nimble. As great as it is, there is no way we could change the entire way we work to support the use of Nimble.

        The suggestion of using IMAP is rather flawed, as firstly it is email only (no contacts, calendar, tasks etc.) but also involves handing over your Office 365 password for storage on a third party site which we are not prepared to do.

        I do hope Nimble can consider full Exchange Online integration in future. Office 365 is growing massively - we and our clients couldn’t possibly use Nimble as it is.

      • Troy IwanikTroy Iwanik commented  · 

        I need exchange server email synch up please

      • ErikErik commented  · 

        I find integration with Office365 to be crucial. Is there an ETA for this?

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